Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cisco 880 Series Integrated Ethernet Security Router

Donor or Provider: Cisco
Platform: Multiple platforms
Format: Hardware
Product ID: G-49033
Availability: Available
Admin Fee: $67.00
Typically the C881-K9 is a Gresca 880 Series integrated services router.

It provides Web access, security, and tone of voice services and virtual exclusive network (VPN) connections for up to 20 users.

Benefits for Organizations

When you have experience of Ethernet, networks or hire a consultant, you can employ this router to:

  • Generate 10/100 Fast Ethernet cable connections
  • Establish up to something like 20 secure virtual private system (VPN) connections to larger networks from small remote control offices and teleworkers

Major Capabilities

Configuration tools: The particular web-based Cisco Configuration Expert configuration tool simplifies deployment, management, and troubleshooting through smart wizards and task-based tutorials. It takes no information of the included Gresca IOS software's command-line software.
Wired LAN connectivity: The four-port 10/100-Mbps Fast Ethernet, managed switch provides cable connections for multiple devices. It has the ability in order to designate a port as the network demilitarized sector (DMZ). Two ports help Power over Ethernet (PoE) for powering IP cell phones or external access points. You can move personal computers to another location with Virtual LAN (VLAN) help without reconfiguration.

Security characteristics: The router provides thorough security via an intrusion prevention system (IPS) firewall plus a stateful packet assessment (SPI) firewall. Additionally, it offers dynamic routing and advanced quality of service (QoS) features.

Remote access: The router provides 20 IPsec VPN tunnels if an individual are running Cisco IOS Software Release 15. 3(3)M or later.


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Cisco 880 Series Integrated Ethernet Security Router

Donor or Provider: Cisco Platform: Multiple platforms Format: Hardware Product ID: G-49033 Availability : Available Admin Fee: $67.00 ...